Risk Warning

I acknowledge that I got the opportunity to trade with a demo / platform and / or study the training manual, and in fact I know the ways of trading and the associated RISKS. In addition, I studied and understood the risks associated with trading in Forex and / or Options ("trading").
I have studied the User Agreement, as well as the principles and rules of the Binary Broker (which, without limitation, include the Risk Warning, Privacy Policy, Anti-Money Laundering Policy, KYC Policy) (hereinafter, for the purposes of this risk warning, collectively referred to as the User Agreement).
I understand each of the terms specified in the User Agreement, and I also understand that all the conditions specified in the User Agreement are an integral component of the irrevocable agreement between the Binary Broker and me (the Agreement).
I am over 18 years old, and the information contained in this application is valid and correct, and I will notify the Binary Broker about any changes.
A binary broker does not have to confirm the suitability of any product for me, including cases of hidden information or lack of experience.
I provided full, correct and reliable information, including my identity and address.
A binary broker can amend any terms of the User Agreement at any time without modification and at any time by publishing any such adjustment on this website.
By completing this form, I make an application and agree to open a personal account and acknowledge that I have studied and understood the terms and procedures, including the User Agreement and the Risk Warning