Binary option - the type of investment in the change in the price of an asset with a fixed profit for a certain period of time.

A turbo option is the type of a binary option whose expiration time is 30/60/120/300 seconds.

Long-term option - the type of binary option, the expiration time of which is 1 or more days.

The "Pairs" option is the type of a binary option, consisting of two assets, where the price of one of the assets acts as the base price in relation to the price of the other asset.

The "One Touch" option is the type of the binary option with the proposed direction and the target level that the price at the moment of closing the option should reach.

The target level is the price automatically set by the platform, which the option must reach before / or at the expiry time.

The underlying asset is a currency pair, commodity commodity, index or share, the price of which is the basis of the option contract.

Currency pairs the price of one currency in relation to another.

Commodities reflect the prices of basic raw materials, such as: gold, silver, oil, etc.

Indices show the change in the value of a certain group of securities.

Shares - the type of securities that secures for its owner the right to receive part of the profit of the joint-stock company.

The option "Above" (Call) is an option that allows you to make a profit if the price for the selected asset at the time of expiration is higher than the strike price.

The "Put" option is an option that allows you to make a profit if the price for the selected asset at the time of expiration is lower than the strike price.

The price is the strike price of the underlying asset at the time the option is opened.

The expiration time is the set date and time of the expiration of the option (option contract).

The closing price is the price of the underlying asset at the time the option expires.

In the money - option with the received fixed profit.

Outside of money - an option with a missed fixed profit.

Double - a function that allows you to invest in the same asset on the same terms, but at the current asset price on the platform.

Sell ​​- a function that allows you to prematurely close the option before its expiration on the platform.

Renew (Rollover) is a function that allows you to extend the duration of an open option on the platform.

Choice of traders - statistics of open options on the selected asset among traders on the platform.

A fundamental analysis is a method of analysis based on a study of the current economic situation by tracking news that affects an asset in order to predict the future price of an asset.

Technical analysis is an analysis method based on studying the history of an asset's price on a schedule, in order to forecast a change in its price in the future.

Trend - clearly expressed price change in one direction.

Reuters (Reuters) is one of the world's largest financial news agencies, supplying quotes for the platform.

Quotation is the price of an asset.

Deposit amount of funds deposited by the trader on his trading account on the platform uTrader.

Trade balance ─ total amount of funds on the trading account of the platform uTrader.

Trade turnover is the total volume of open transactions. Both profitable and unprofitable options are taken into account.

Bonus additional funds offered by uTrader for trading.

Trading hours ─ the time of operation of major world stock markets.

The stock exchange is a platform for trading in the securities market.

GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is a macroeconomic indicator that determines the final cost of all goods and services produced in all sectors of the economy of one state.

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Non-farm Payrolls (NFP) is one of the most important US market indicators that measures the level of employment in the non-agricultural sector. The publication of this indicator determines the further growth or fall of the US dollar. The data are published monthly on the first Friday of the month.