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Account Types

At CWoption ,we realize that trading is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. That is why we offer five distinctly different trading accounts. Someone who is just starting out may not have the desire to commit substantial financial resources and an experienced trader might be more interested in trading multiple Trades . These two types of traders,along with every variety in between,will find a CWoption trading account to match their needs. We also offer a Demo Account that gives you $25,000 of simulated money so that you can explore your preferences and gain familiarity with our trading platform,order execution and support.

please choose from one of our five trader account types, with each giving investors more and more features and promotions. From Expert Trading Sessions to amazing starter Bonuses, we give traders a wide selection of profitable tools and features.
We want to ensure your trading experience is the best and most profitable possible, therefore our
support center is on standby to help you choose which account is right for you!


Micro Account

This account is designed to allow you to gain trading experience without exposing yourself to risk levels that create discomfort. The Micro account requires an initial funding deposit of only $25 and with a minimum trade value of $1,500 you can attempt Forex trades of,for example,10 units of the EUR/USD currency pair,which is an ideal pair for the new trader because of its vast trading volume and superb liquidity. A trade of this size would mean that you would only be risking $10 for every Trade .
Traders using a Micro account do not receive all the perks of a larger account,but you will still receive our daily review and reports in your email inbox as well as access to our trading tutorials and videos.

Mini Account

Our Mini account is next in the progression after the Micro account.
The initial minimum funding deposit is still only $500. The low minimum trade size is $10 to $1500
Traders at this level receive daily trade recommendations and tips,along with remote trading and dealing room support.

Standard Account

This is how many traders choose to make their entry into the Binary option market. The minimum deposit is $1,000 and the minimum trade size is $10- $3,000 At this level
All the benefits of the Micro and Mini Account are included,along with more available instruments to trade,such as commodities and indices & stocks .
Traders utilizing the Standard account enjoy VIP spreads,personal coaching and additional time to take advantage of promotional offers. They also receive enhanced trading capabilities.

Gold Account

CWOption Gold account is a favorite of more advanced traders. Funding requirements are still rather modest,from $5,000. The minimum size per deal is $25 -5000 per Trade .
Features and benefits above and beyond all those included with the Micro,Mini and Standard accounts include low fixed spreads,VIP payouts and Personal Account Manager who is available to discuss trading ideas and additional support resources.
Gold account traders receive numerous special offers as well including 3 party signals

Platinum Account

CWOptions Platinum account offers the most features and benefits,yet still requires an initial deposit of only $20,000,although many experienced traders,having realized the value of trading with CWoption ,open Platinum accounts for far greater amounts.
All the benefits of the Gold account are included,along with the VIP payouts , VIP Account Manager who essentially serves as a trading concierge,trading platforms with all features enabled and custom analysis and reports for a modest minimum deal size of $100- 10,000 per trade

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